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Exchange Rates

Current Deposits

Current accounts can be opened by individuals, business community , corporate bodies or the like where the account holder has often to receive money and to make a number of payments. These are very active accounts. No interest is paid on balances in these accounts and there are no restrictions as to the number of deposits into and withdrawals from the account per day.Cheque books are issued in these accounts.

Savings Bank Deposits

Savings Bank accounts can be opened by individuals and the like where the account holder deposits money for the purpose of savings. There is no restriction on the number and amount of deposits to be made on any one day. Balances in these account earn interest and the amounts from the account can be withdrawn when needed. These accounts can be opened with or without cheque book facility.

The interest rate on Savings Bank Deposit Accounts has been changed to @ 1.50% with effect from 01.10.2018..

Term Deposits

Term deposit accounts can be opened by individuals , corporate bodies ,etc. These deposits are for a period of 30 days or more. The interest payable on these deposits is higher than that payable in savings bank deposits. Receipts are issued for each deposit made under this scheme.In case of need these deposits can be prematurely encashed.

Term Deposit rates