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Loans and Advances
With effect from 14.09.2016, we have implemented the Central Bank of Kenya guidelines, as per circular No.4 of 2016 dated 13.09.2016 that the Central Bank Rate (CBR) will be the base rate and the maximum rate of interest applicable on advances will be four percent over CBR.

Central Bank of Kenya has revised Central Bank Rate (CBR) from 9.50% pa to 9.00%pa with effect from 30th July 2018. Hence, our Rate of Interest on all Loans/Advances based on this floating rates will accordingly get revised with effect from 30th July 2018.

The Bank gives hassle free loans for all your requirements at very competitive rates of interest. Loans are instantly given against our Term deposit receipts. We also give loans against deposit with any branch of Bank of India in India or globally subject to regulations of the respective countries.

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