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  • This is a voluntary code, which sets standards of good banking practice for Banks choosing to participate in the code, to follow when they are dealing with personal customers in Kenya. As a voluntary code, it allows competition and market forces to work to encourage higher standards for the benefit of customers. This code became effective from the 1st of August 2001 for all subsequent dealings with personal customers..
  • Within the code, 'you' means the customer and 'we' means the bank the customer deals with
  • The code provides valuable protection for you.
  • You can check which banks follow the code by contacting the Kenya Bankers Association, the organisation which monitors how well banks are meeting the code. (Their address is on page 15.).
  • The standards of the code are covered by the 10 key commitments found at the beginning. These apply to the following products and services provided to personal customers :

    • Current accounts.
    • Deposit and savings accounts.
    • Card services and cash machines.
    • Loans (not including mortgages) and overdrafts.
    • Ordinary accounts.
    • Payment systems, including standing orders.
    • Foreign exchange transactions.
    • Electronic purses

  • Not all banks offer all the products and services listed.
  • Unless it says otherwise, all parts of this code apply to all the products and services listed above, irrespective of the channel through which they are provided.
  • Throughout this code, any words, which are shown in bold print, are defined in the glossary at the end of the code
  • The relationship between a customer and their Bank is contractual. Nothing in this code shall be read as creating any binding legal obligations as between any customer and its bank nor vary any clause in any contract between a customer and the Bank.
  • This Code shall not be quoted in any proceedings between any member Bank and customer or customers either in part or in whole.
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